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The ultimate Pinterest automation software

“Grow your online business on autopilot”

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If you're familiar with Pinterest then you know how time consuming it is to keep your account active. This is why our tool can Pin, Repin, Like, Follow, Unfollow, Comment, Message, Invite and a lot more!

Pinbot is a software tool that automates all of your marketing on the extremely popular social networking site Pinterest…

  • Scraping and pinning unique images.
  • Repin niche relevant images.
  • Invites users to pin on your boards.
  • Like & Comment on pins.
  • Follow & Unfollow users.
  • Unfollow the non-followers.
  • Send automated messages to new and existing followers.
  • Pin images from your RSS feeds directly to your boards.
  • Spintax for comments and messages.
  • The brand new keyword generator generates hundreds of highly relevant keywords for any niche. Enabling you to bypass Pinterest’s 999 results limit when scraping...
PinBot keyword generator tool

In a nutshell, Pinbot 3.0 handles all of your Pinterest marketing. Pinbot keeps all of your Pinterest accounts bustling with fresh content on a daily basis and is faster and more efficient than ever before…



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Pinterest’s 100 million active users are widely regarded to be the most affluent of any Social Network online. Despite having less users, Pinterest is responsible for driving more Ecommerce sales than Facebook…

With over 42% of adult women in the USA using Pinterest, you know you have access to a demographic who are ready to spend...

Pinterest demographics

You can use Pinterest to drive traffic to Amazon Affiliate Sites, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Blogs, Videos or just about anything. If you’re doing any marketing on the Internet, you will benefit from being active on Pinterest…

How-to Make money

VIP members gain access to our private membership site. It's the place where we share our most treasured methods, guides and tutorials. All the content is kept up to date and applies to 2017.

There are a lot of free tutorials and journeys out on the internet, I have made a list for you. Take your time to go through them:

What makes PinBot so unique? There are too many features and benefits to list, but have a look at the comparison table:

PinBot Trial PinBot Premium
Max. accounts 5 unlimited
Proxy support
Repin feature
Follow feature
Unfollow feature
Pin feature
External Pin scrape
Like feature
Invite feature
Comment feature
Messaging feature
Keyword generator
First Class support
VIP membership

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PinBot 3.0 order form
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ILYA Nevolin
Software engineer & owner

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